Thursday, May 12, 2011

Test looping video

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our new Addition

It has finally happened I cleaned the Man Den [Man Den = my room for all things computerized and artistic and when I makes it a mess I can close the door and the rest of the house stays clean]. The cleaning only took 2 hours, I was kind of surprised that it didn't take longer.

Now to explain the title of this post, Alicia's sister Eliza will be joining us in may, while I work for my dad. Eliza will be Alicia's friend, and hangout buddy while I am away during the week. Alicia helped me clean the Man Den to make room for the guest room that Eliza will be staying in.

So enjoy the photo montage of the transformation of this (pig)sty to a clean livable, and quite large space.


Friday, February 19, 2010


I [Jason] wanted to just recap how this whole endeavor [Disney trip] started. It was originally a gift [Birthday and Christmas] for Tiffany; however one thing led to another and 11 people later here we are. Enjoy this video of Tiffany opening this wonderful gift.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disneyland or Bust

While at work today I have been thinking of the count down to the most awesomest vacation and how much homework is needing to be done. One of the homework assignments I wanted to share was the packing to do list that Disneyland specifically asks for visitors to bring. These items are:

General Packing List

* Sunscreen
* Hats
* Sunglasses
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Backpack to carry essentials
* Toys
* Family's and friends' mailing addresses
* Postage stamps for postcards and letters
* Digital camera
* Battery, charger and extra memory card for digital camera
* Video camera
* Medications
* Glasses
* Cell phone charger
* Jacket
* Shorts
* Swimwear
* Umbrella (just in case)

Just giving a heads up. I am very excited and can't wait to go. More details later, Homework is calling my name

Friday, January 29, 2010

Custom Blog Tutorials

So here is the link that I used for the posting of my background.

Another is this

I also suggest that for a file sharing website you use

That is all.

Fun with Backgrounds

Jason here, so I'm new to blogging and I do enjoy the amount of customization you can do to your blogs. So today I took a few hours and researched making your own backgrounds. So I threw this one together and added it to our blog. Tell me what you think, and I'll post the links to the sites if anyone is interested in doing their own.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is the Begining of Fun

From a hard day at work, I went home to make Jason lunch. I thought, "What bills will be in the mail today?" As I approach the mailbox grudgingly, I open and find the netflix DVDs, a W-2, and ads I don't want. I then reach in, while further looking at light twinkling in the back, and find a key to open the big mail boxes. I find a cute package. I take it to the car, call Jason and he jumps for joy! This is how the adventure begins....wait and see what fun we will find at Disneyland!